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About Our School

Weymouth Township Elementary School

One Town, One School, One Family

Hawk Pride


The Weymouth Township School District serves public school students in grades PK-8 at Weymouth Township School, which has an enrollment of roughly 180 students as of the 2024-2025 school year. As a small school district, our outstanding faculty and staff proudly provide personalized instruction and attention to all of our students. We pride ourselves in being partners with our Hawk families and community. 

For grades 9-12, public school students attend Buena Regional High School as part of a sending/receiving relationship with the Buena Regional School District. Students attend high school from Buena and Buena Vista Township, along with students from Estell Manor, who also attend as part of sending/receiving relationships.

What makes us a special little rural school tucked into the Pinelands of NJ is our strong belief in a clear vision and a devotion to focus on our purpose. We recognize that education is a journey and that we are here to see that the tanks of the travelers that pass our way are filled up with fuel to continue their journeys far into their futures, when we are long forgotten.  Our purpose is rooted in an old anonymous Greek proverb, “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in,” and we sure are surrounded by a lot of trees!

Our foundation is built on “The Weymouth Way” and our four pillars of respect, responsibility, readiness and safety. All members of our school community are valued and contribute to our positive school climate, including parents, grandparents, and community members with no children in school. Not only do we strive to meet our students’ academic needs, our four pillars guide us to meet their social and emotional needs as well.  Our staff work collaboratively on flexible pathways, differentiating instruction that guides our students along their paths to becoming expert learners. You’ll see these four pillars integrated into our activities every day, from classroom lessons and academic intervention to enrichment or extra-curricular clubs like STEAM or Quiz Bowl. By focusing on the whole person, we strive to create a community of learners ready to embark on their life’s journey.