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Mission and Vision Statements


As a National Blue Ribbon School, the Weymouth Township School District, together with our community, aspires to nurture, support, and empower the educational, social, and emotional needs, as well as the creative talents of our students. Our faculty and staff create a dynamic and challenging academic environment that encourages leadership and an ability for students to exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). As our community’s most treasured resource, our students will graduate prepared for high school, as well as college and career endeavors. Our school is a place of inclusivity, accountability, and positive morale for all Hawks. 


The district promotes a community of lifelong learners and leaders who strive to be HAWK proud:

H - Hardworking; Hawks work hard to learn, grow, and reach high levels of achievement. 

A - Amazing; Each Hawk is unique, special, and belongs in our school. 

W - Wise; Hawks make wise decisions so that all Hawks enjoy a safe, productive learning environment. 

K - Kind; Hawks treat staff, students, and our school with kindness and respect.  


*Adopted by the Board of Education on April 18, 2024